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NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 270 [Updated] 2022




Poem 51Fancy free and light, not fussy or complaining,Have you left my cares behind with the day?Love is all we ask or more than we're given,It's as natural as the sun and the sky.The blues of my thoughts' soothed by the sun-bleached seas,I sleep and dream without a care,A dream of you is my dream that I keep.I see my soul,and feel your touch like sunshine,My thoughts are clear like the bright, blue seas.Now I am free of earthly things,and drift like a boat on the waters,Free of troubles and their lessons for me,Your love is my sun-bleached feelings. Poem 52I have gone to the forest clear of the sight of men,As the beasts of the wood meet like two wild boys.This is a secret that I will keep,We will always be alone in the dark.I have a love that is hidden away. Poem 53There is a light on the path and the light is you.My heart is kindled and I am calm,Like the wind of the autumn and the dance of a flame.I hear the pebbles on the path with the music of your feet.The scent of the winterberries soars to meet my eyes.My heart is a river and I am free,As I walk with you through the forest,With the wind of the autumn and the dance of a flame. Poem 54I call to you, my love, so I can hear you reply:I hear no sound, so I hear your lips move.I call again, and there is no reply,So I hear your lips speak a secret word.I'm drawn to the sound of your voice as if it were a command.When your lips speak a word that I cannot understand,I see the light of the moon when it is shining at night.It is you, my love, who shows me the world,When I hear the words of the language you speak.Your voice is so lovely and sounds so sweet,I see the sky when it is coloured blue,With the light of the moon shining in the night. Poem 55I am drawn by the light of the moon and the dance of the sun,I search the city for a glimpse of your lips,And the word of love that I have spoken,With the words of my heart so full of pain.My love, I have searched the




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NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 270 [Updated] 2022

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